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As you see that we have many different topics and subjects with positive feedback that will educate you on safety, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-efficacy, motivation, morals, values, maturity, and self-confidence. We also have information on community events, education, employment, and health.  It’s important that we come together no matter what we face on a daily basis. Peace, strengthens power! Positive information shared, has a strong voice.

Everyone may not agree with each other but we still have to live together. There’s so much to learn about each other and the things around us. Our world and our governments are changing rapidly. People need to be spiritually strong, and have healthy bodies, and minds, instead of worrying about how they will make an honest living to eat, and support their families, and pay bills. Lots of people really don’t know where our economy will be headed tomorrow.

Our political, and religious brothers, and sister’s seem to be very busy with so many things that they can sometimes forget about our well being as a people, and the needs of our youth. Lots of teens aren’t able to go to college or universities because they do not have financial ability to do so. “Education should be our countries first priority.”  Life is not about one man. Life is about many men and women. You have heard the saying “united we stand, divided we fall.” We must stand in unity! We must provided for our children and the elderly. We must lower our prices and lower our taxes.

We all have a voice and together we can be heard in the heavens, if we can come together in one mind, in one agreement. I often hear people say, I’m fighting for civil rights, I’m fighting for our kids to be safe while on the streets, I’m fighting for gay rights, I’m fighting against racism, I’m fighting against socialism, I’m fighting for better education. “But who is making peace?” Why don’t someone say, hey what’s all the fighting about? I’m sure that you know that when two or more people fight, that they both lose something or get hurt in the process, or at the end.

Shouldn’t it be about unity? Isn’t it suppose to be about community? I think that everyone’s voice should be heard no matter the race, creed, religion, culture, color, mental level, handicap, or job. Everyone should be heard, because it rains on the rich and the poor. It’s About relationship. It’s about togetherness. It’s about peace. It’s about building each other up. It’s about our teens. It’s about education. It’s about closing some of these prisons. It’s about creating more jobs. It’s about providing housing for the poor and homeless, It’s about bringing back some of the old programs that were healthy for our communities, like the YMCA, etc.

It’s not about fighting against those who are rich or wealthy. We have to live equal without being ridiculed and belittled because we are rich or poor. I could go on and on, telling you what it’s all about, but I’m sure you already know what It’s all about. And one of my questions is where does it all end? Who has enough wisdom, insight, and integrity, to form a worldwide unified, safe, non-violent, mature, calm, assertive, movement that will give us all one voice? It doesn’t take a million men to change the world, but it does take us as a nation to come together on one agreement. “You mean to tell me, that no man or woman on earth can drop their pride, and come together and focus in on something that will give us all one 1 VOICE?  

What is OUR VOICE? 1 VOICE is a category for the voice of the people. We know that everyone does not agree on certain things that’s going on in our society, or our world, whether it be politics, religion, community issues, parenting, healthcare, programs, socialism, capitalism, racism, prejudice, government issues, nature, spirituality, T.V. music, business, education, slumlords, human rights, success, war, unemployment, presidential election, safety, debt, social security, songs that rappers sing, gas and food prices, crime, media, building prisons, rich verses poor people, homelessness, gay rights, animal rights, city issues, etc.

What’s good about OUR VOICE is that we do not have to agree, but still Unity is Community, is a community site and it is free to say what you think and feel about different subjects. I believe that we can come together as OUR VOICE to share our thoughts. 1. Start your topic with a heading. 2. End your topic with your contact name, email address (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE SOMEONE TO CONTACT YOU AND TALK MORE ABOUT YOUR ISSUE!). 3. We do ask that you do not be an anonymous writer, even if you give a nickname, it is fine. 4. You must be 17 and older. 5.This is not a site where you can just be negative about hurting others. 6. All messages will be read before they are posted. We do understand that People can be radical and get away from the subject, so please try to stay on course. 7. You only can submit two topics for now. We do ask that you do not use profanity and please try not to be so harsh on whomever or whatever your message address, because of our teens. 

Somewhere in your topic or discussion or message to the people, say something positive please? Please keep your massage short to the point 20 words or less. You can also leave a link so people can contact you, and so we can contact you to let you know your message has or has not been posted. We do not promote or defend or necessarily agree with what is written in OUR VOICE, so make sure you hold yourself accountable for what you say. We are to be heard! So enjoy OUR VOICE and be heard! Thank You 

Unity: the state of being one; oneness, a whole or totality as combining all its parts into the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification, absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character, oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement. Mathematics: the number one; a quantity regarded as one, in literature and art) a relation of all the parts or elements of a work constituting a harmonious whole and producing a single general effect.

Community: a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage, a locality inhabited by such a group, a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinctive,of some respect from the larger society within which it exists (usually preceded by the): the business community; the community of scholars, a group of associated nations sharing common interests or a common heritage: Ecclesiastical. a group of men or women leading a common life according to a rule. Ecology, an assemblage of interacting populations occupying a given area, joint possession, enjoyment, liability, etc.

Now you have read what unity and community means. Let’s come together and share. We do ask that you are age 17 and over, to participate in any topic, subject or discussion. 

My website is for anyone, especially the college and university students. As we all know, Gainesville is a college town, and I’m so glad to be here because the college students keep me motivated. I spoke at the University of Florida and it was great! Everyone was very respectful and friendly.

You can write about anything in our, OUR VOICE category, however we do ask that it does not be to political or religious or harsh, where it belittles anyone. *No profanity what so ever* 

We cannot be held responsible for any content shared on this site so we ask that you seriously think about what you share before you share it. (All content will be read and held in moderation before posted. Please leave clear contact information by e-mail address If you would like to be contacted.

Thank you so much for your participation. I expect that you will feel safe visiting our sites. Please use the internet wisely. 



Should we be open to gangs in our neighborhoods and communities?


When I was a teen I thought that being in a gang was normal. I thought that it was fun and exciting and a good, fast, way to make money, and I was wrong. I knew better but I was ignorant of the negative influence, and the way I should behave and conduct myself while out in public. I joined a gang for different reasons but the biggest reason was, I had a low self-esteem which made me vulnerable to the manipulation of others, to believe that I was not doing any wrong and that was the way of the world. Not all teens join gangs but some do, and some end up on drugs, in jail or prison, or dead. I don’t mind talking about this issue because I was in an organization for thirty years, and if I can save one child or teen, it is way worth more than a ton of gold.

For whatever reason they do associate themselves in a gang, I would like to say that it’s not life. So what can we do to prevent our teens from joining a gang? I think that our teens should have mandatory classes in school about self-esteem. We should start putting up information on self-esteem on big billboards all around every city. Parents and guardians should promote self-esteem in the household when children are very young. All the people in the community should be activists against gangs and create a positive movement that aligns positive self-worth with conscientious decision-making.

I don’t think we need a brilliantly written book with lots of big words to read. All we need is a basic book on self-esteem that will teach children about the complexity of being assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and passive. They should also be taught, self-awareness, morals, values, and behavior modification, etc.

Also I think that we should consider all gangs as organized crime, because it is. Anyone that calls themselves a leader of any gang has laws, policies, rules, and principles that control the way it’s members think and feel, etc. It starts from the top down to the foot solders. Organize crime is against the law. A gang members is affiliated with organized crime. Stand for unity in the community. If you would like for me to speak at a high school or any event about this, please contact me at this number. # 352-575-6110. I Will be more than happy to be of service to you. Thank You for your participation in 1 VOICE!

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