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Death is something we all must live. Enjoy our poems about death.

For she is mine

She died just the other day. Why did you take my love away? I cried and cried and cried. Why oh why, did she die? This is the end of a loving relationship and friends. The end of something so dear to me. My love was free.

No more smiles and moments of desire. Now my heart is set on fire and you oh death is a liar. You cannot stand to see that my heart burns for her love. She was my maiden of sweetness from above.

If only I could hear her voice. If only I could see her one more time. I would challenge death to a duel for her love to be mine. Fight oh death and let me win her back? Let me be the conquer and you be attacked.

You shall bring her back to me. I desire her love, I plead. Oh death no more, oh death I shall settle the score. She was so dear to me. We were together forever and you took her away. There is nothing left, and I shall fight you death.

I shall pursue you and break the chains that you have held so many tight. I shall thrust the sword in your spirit, with all my might. I shall win her back and destroy your reign. No one shall ever again bring forth your name.

They shall morn for you oh death, they shall morn. For no more lives will be torn by your hands. I warn you now, to bring my love back to me, or you will pay a suffering fee.

This shall not be the end of friends. I cried and cried and cried, and will not give up until you are no more. You shall not take another life. You shall not take another man’s wife. Adulterous, you are. Fight me for her back, you swine. Give her back to me, for she is mine.

The grave

The grave does not sleep. The grave does not care. The grave does play fare. Eat, eat, eat. The grave is not sweet. In the grave you will sleep. The grave is where death holds it prey. Only to wish for another day.

The grave does not play. Life after life, it takes away. The grave is a lech. The grave can not give anyone the promise of life. It is only a place of wait. It is the grave of a silent state. No one can defeat him for his treasure of lives he stole from us. The grave is an enemy, you cannot trust.

No one can make a deal to open the eyes of so many lives he has taken. The grave is something forsaken. He does not frown. He pulls you down. Down to his place of sleep. The grave is not sweet. The grave does not fear defeat. Life after life it takes. Only to wish for another day. He is not apart of life. He is not the way.

He is a slave to mankind. He is a friend of death. The grave will eat until there is nothing left. I am not a slave to the grave. The grave cannot win. He is full of sin. I laugh at his appearance. I pull back my bow to strike his dark heart. When I battle him for lives, he will depart. I shall trick him, because he is not smart.

Even though he does not fear mankind. He is blind. I know he is tired because he has to many enemies. He cannot afford to sleep. He is fat, and he will eat and eat. But I shall capture him and hold him in life’s prison forever and he shall not be clever.

He shall not be able to escape the chains that have been molded to hold him. I shall break his sting and he shall no longer reign as a king. There shall never be another wait, because the life of the grave I shall take. He shall be my slave. I will change his name and he will not be called the grave.

Created by: Clifford Henry Monegan. Owned by: Monegan Holdings, LLC

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1993-2016


Places that we enjoy and places we imagine are poetic.

Places are where we live

Places make us feel good. Places make us dream. Places make us travel far. Places give us esteem. Places are where we grow up. Places are what we want to see. Places show different faces. Places hold the keys. Places are for happiness. Places help you to do your best. Places are for you to work. Places are where we rest. Places give us comfort. Places are for every nation. Places are for us to visit. Places are for a vacation. Places show us oceans. Places show us what life brings. Places show us animals. Places show us different things. Places are so beautiful. Places are positive. Places are full of mountains. Places are where we live.

This place

I knew a place that was free of worry. It was a place of hope and expectation. This place I knew was beautiful. It was full of esteem and motivation. This place was like no other place. It was a place of joy, and peace, and content. I knew this place was a place of life. It was a place of heaven sent. This place had hills so green. It’s rivers were wide and long. A place like this took over my thoughts, and made my heart grow strong. Inside this place was sky’s so blue, and the trees were as tall as the stars at night. This place was a place where I felt safe, and and everything was good in my site. This place was the place where time stood still, and this place was hard to find. I knew a place where I was free. This place was inside my mind.

Created by: Clifford Henry Monegan. Owned by: Monegan Holdings, LLC

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1993-2016


Enjoy our collection of poems about all type of things.

What’s that thing looking at me?

Is it a bear or a dog?

What’s that thing watching me?

Is it a monkey or a frog?

What’s that thing following me?

It really walks really fast!

Why does that thing stick by my side?

I hope this thing will pass.

What’s that thing that looks so weird?

Why is it on my back?

This thing is growing bigger.

Maybe it will attack!

This thing looks like a tree.

Now it looks like a big ball of clay.

If I stop it stops with me.

I hope this thing goes away.

I’d better run and hide.

I wonder if I can break free.

Please don’t hurt me what ever you are.

I’m so silly. It’s only my shadow following me.

Poems about things 

These things

Once I saw these things that hopped around and up and down.

Then I saw these things that came up out the ground.

These things I saw was amazing, they were things we see everyday.

These things made me happy. I saw them along the way.

Then I saw these things that were playing in a tree.

Then I saw these things flying in the air so free.

I thought to myself, these things are all around.

This is a thing place that I’m so glad I found.

I looked and saw these things that made a loud roar.

Then I saw these things that had very giant doors.

These things I saw were around me as I walked my way.

Then I thought to myself, this has made my day.

As I looked to the side I heard these things sing so sweet.

Then I saw these things dancing to the beat.

One of these things played an exciting sound.

There were things having fun and jumping all around.

All these things were so happy. they really made my day.

These things I saw were around me as I walked my way.

Money makes the world go round.

Money can buy you lots of things.

Money can buy you bling.

money can buy you love.

Money can buy you wings.

Money can give you smiles.

Money can make you care.

Money can take you everywhere.

Money can stop the wear and tear.

Money can make you bitter.

Money can give you friends.

Money can buy you houses.

Money can make things end.

Money will disappear.

Money will make you gamble.

Money will make you come together.

Money will make things scramble.

Money will make you lose your mind.

Money may never be found.

Money makes the world go round.

Created by: Clifford Henry Monegan. Owned by: Monegan Holdings, LLC

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1993-2016


Self-esteem poems to encourage all.

My self-esteem is high. My self-esteem gives me inspiration. I like my self-esteem. It builds my motivation.

Self-esteem is the door. The door to a successful place. I love to have confidence. It’s written on my face.

Self-esteem can be high, and it can be low. Self-esteem with confidence, will only help you to grow.

My self-esteem is high. Higher than a bird can fly. My self-esteem is all my dreams. My self-esteem is very high.

I feel so mature. I feel like I have power. I know my self-esteem is high. It’s higher than any tower.

Build your self-esteem. Don’t let your self-esteem be low. Live your life with confidence, and your self-esteem will grow.

Created by: Clifford Henry Monegan. Owned by: Monegan Holdings, LLC

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1993-2016


Dreams are magical and very poetic. Enjoy our poems about dreams.

I flew up to the sky.

I had a dream that I was flying.

I flew up high into the sky.

I flew to the moon.

I flew past the sun.

I flew up into the heavens.

I had lots of fun.

I I walked on the stars.

I looked into Orion eyes.

I went to saturn.

I flew up to the sky.

Dreams can be about anything

We all have dreams. Dreams make us feel strong.

Dreams can be beautiful, even when your day goes wrong.

Dreams help us to get through life.

Dreams encourage us to move ahead.

Dreams can make us happy, even when we are mad.

Dreams build our confidence, to live another hour.

Dreams search our heart and give us strength and power.

Dreams are apart of life. Dreams can be so real.

Dreams live in our minds. Oh how they make us feel.

Dreams can mean many things. especially when you are a kid.

You may dream of the future, or something that you did.

Dreams are from the spirit man. The spirit man shares with us.

Dreams put everything in order, to help you love and trust.

Dreams can be silly they also can come true.

Dreams can be about anything. Dreams can be about me and you.

Created by: Clifford Henry Monegan. Owned by: Monegan Holdings, LLC

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1993-2016

I am a Poem Guru.

I am a Poem Guru.

I have been born for to die.

Only to be planted and uprooted inside.

I am he who has killed my time.

But I shall heal this heart of mine.

I am a Poem Guru.

breaking down the walls of your mind.

My poetry builds for all to find.

Must I weep for you to see.

Hear my laugh for I am free.

We have to mourn so that we must dance.

A life of desire days and nights of romance.

Whisper to the heart throw away the stone.

Gather the wings a mellow tone.

Embrace my poetry live in spirit.

Then refrain after you fear it.

Down to seek a reason to live.

Must I lose for you to give.

I am a Poem Guru I am the thought you keep.

Throw away, your heart at my feet.

You shall tear your life away from pain.

Time shall sew what lost will gain.

Be silent and think of tomorrow.

Speak the past of no ones sorrow.

I am a Poem Guru you are my love.

You will not hate my crystal dove.

Peace has come with open eyes to meet.

No war of enemies for battle defeat.

They are them we are you.

Whisper my words my love.

I am a Poem Guru.

People are so kind

People are so cool

People are so blind

People can be so rude

People may see visions

People may not dream

People are still people

People can be redeemed

People do believe

People sometimes doubt

People live inside their minds

People can live without

People fall in love

People can even hate

People give their lives

People may even wait

People share their feelings

People hide their emotions

People walk a thousand miles

People sail the ocean

People are amazing

People are hard to find

People are people

People are so kind

People can be crazy

People can nice

People can be mean

People can do right

People came be a team

People can be silly

People can be kind

People can be happy

People can be hard to find

People can be hard workers

People can be rough

People can be cowards

People can be tough

People can be lovers

People can be haters

People can be social

People can see you later

People can make you wait

People can make you die

People can birth a child

People can say goodbye

People can be funny

People can really sing

People can steal from you

People can give you everything

People can be dreamers

People can be lazy

People can be honest

People can be crazy

For all to be

Are you a poem guru

what about me

are we poem guru’s

What do you see

They are poem guru’s

I know they are

He is a poem guru

A poetic star

She is a poem guru

I can hear her speak

They are poem guru’s

What do they seek

Words have been written

Tales have been told

stories are read

Montains of gold

Poem guru’s

carry the load

Who is the poem guru

Where is his home

I spoke in riddles

Poetic domes

She is a poet

whisper her name

We are creative

hold forth the blame

Seek the guru

Face the dream

I am a guru

sparrows and wings

Look at my poetry

Read it for others

They are the poets

We are my brothers

Are you a poem guru

What do you see

A poetic star

For all to be

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